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Kasumigaura city, Ibaraki pref., Japan

This locality is in a park.


Field of view: 30 mm. A crystal of schorl. The black prism is schorl with pyramidal faces a the left termination. The surrounding opaque white part is feldspar. The brown grain at the upper right is zircon.

Recovered from a beryl-columbite-phosphate subtype rare-element pegmatite associated with S-type (Ilmenite-series) granite. Formed in the middle Paleocene (60 Ma).

Schorl from this location was described in 1977.


Anhedral schorl included in granite. Massive black schorl crystals are included in granite, which composed of opaque white feldspar, translucent gray quartz with a vitreous luster, and silver flakes of muscovite.

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