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Yamao, Makabe village, Sakuragawa city, Ibaraki pref., Japan

This locality is closed to collecting.


Beryl-Columbite subtype rare-element pegmatite

Pegmatite deposit in fine biotite granite, the middle Paleocene (60 Ma) Kabasan Granite. The Kabasan Granite is S-type (Ilmenite-series) and is intruded in the Late Jurassic (150 Ma) Kasama Unit of the accretionary complex, the Yamizo Group. The Kasama Unit corresponds to the Yabuhara Unit of the Tamba-Mino-Ashio accretionary complex. Ages of sedimentary rocks were determined by radiolarians, and granite age by K-Ar radiometric dating.

Reported Minerals

Mineral Assemblages

  • Quartz - Feldspar - Muscovite - Almandine
  • Quartz - Feldspar - Beryl - Columbite
  • Beryl - Bertrandite
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