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Rare-element Pegmatite (Albite)

Chemical Process (Liquid-phase Growth) - Closed system under ground (Melt precipitation)




Albite type < Lithium subclass < (LCT family) < Rare-element class < Granitic pegmatite

Required Geological Setting

Plutonic rocks


Pegmatites formed by fractional crystallization of S-type granite magma associated with upper Greenschist facies to Amphibolite facies in Barrovian-type middle-P metamorphism. The rare-element class pegmatites emplace at shallow depth. The albite type pegmatites are rare and are not understood well. Pegmatites are composed of fine to saccharoidal albite and less abundant quartz with minor K-feldspar, spodumene, and lepidolite. Pegmatites are massive to layered with dyke-like outer shape, and pockets are very rare. The albite type is characterized by abundant Na.

Mineral Assemblages (Major minerals)

Quartz, Albite, (Orthoclase, Microcline)

Mineral Assemblages

Columbite-(Fe), Tantalite-(Fe), Beryl, Spodumene, Lepidolite, (Cassiterite)

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