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Shintani Mine

Yozawa, Akiruno city, Tokyo, Japan


Low-T zeolite facies bedded manganese deposit

Bedded manganese deposit in mudstone matrix of the Early Jurassic Unazawa Unit, a member of accretionary complex, Southern Chichibu Belt.

Shintani Mine

Outcrop of mudstone of Unazawa Unit around the adit. There are a thick sandstone bed and a thin (approximately 10 m) chert block near the deposit. The deposit is in the thin mudstone bed at the boundary between sandstone and chert. Manganese deposits in Kanto moutains are usualy chert-hosted, but this is very unique mudstone-hosted deposit.

Reported Minerals

Mineral Assemblages

  • Caryopilite - Rhodochrosite - Quartz
  • Hausmannite - Rhodochrosite - Sussexite
  • Caryopilite - Rhodochrosite - Baryte?
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