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Hayama Mine

Kawamata city, Date county, Fukushima pref., Japan


Hornblende-hornfels facies peridotite

Peridotite block associated with a block of sedimentary rocks in granodiorite of the Late Cretaceous (100 Ma) Abukuma Granites. The sedimentary rocks and peridotite distribute as a roof pendant in granodiorite and have been subjected to contact metamorphism. The sedimentary rocks are composed of hornfels with minor amount of amphibolite and diopside skarn. The peridotite block is composed of dunite and herzbergite. The Abukuma Granites are S-type (Ilmenite-series), and peridotite block contacts with granodiorite. Ages of granitoids were determined by K-Ar radiometric dating of hornblende and biotite. This mine was developed for Ni.

Hayama Mine

Outcrop of contact metamorphosed peridotite. The grayish-green outcrop is composed of slightly serpentinized dunite. The rounded boulders are the typical weathered structure of peridotite.

Reported Minerals

Mineral Assemblages

  • Forsterite - Ludwigite - Hörnesite
  • Serpentine - Magnetite - Tremolite - Aragonite


  • 1951: Began to mine Ni ore. This mine had been operated for a few years.
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