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Naka-Kawabe, Kawabe city, Kamo county, Gifu pref., Japan


High-temperature zeolite facies metamorphic rocks

Vesicules of the andesitic to basaltic volcanic breccia of the early Miocene (22 Ma) Hachiya Formation of the Mizunami Group. The volcanic breccia of the Hachiya Formation is a part of hyaloclastite deposited in the lacustrine Kani basin in a temperate climate. The Hachiya Formation overlies unconformably the basement, and conformably underlies the Nakamura Formation. The age of volcanic breccia was determined by K-Ar radiometric dating and fission track dating, climate by floras.


Outcrop of andesitic to basaltic volcanic breccia of the Hachiya Formation. The gray rubbles are andesite or basalt. The white parts in the vesicules of the andesite cobble is zeolite. The white gravels at the lower right and the left are weathered silicified wood.

Reported Minerals

  • Heulandite
  • Phillipsite
  • Erionite
  • Celadonite
  • Chalcedony
  • Silicified wood

Mineral Assemblages

  • Heulandite - Celadonite
  • Phillipsite
  • Erionite
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