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Waga-Sennin Mine

Sennin, Waga village, Kitakami city, Iwate pref., Japan

Source for Sulfuric acid


The upper right crystal: 15 mm. Euhedral crystals of pyrite. The yellow crystals are pyrite. The 2 specimens at the top are cubic pyrite crystals composed of (100) faces. The pyrite crystal at the bottom is composed of (100) faces of the cube and (111) triangle faces at earch corner. The bluish-white crust on the surface of pyrite at the upper right is clay. The white host of the upper left specimen is contact metamorphosed limestone composed of white grains of calcite and green spots of chlorite.

Recovered from a oxidative metazomatic zone combined with skarn formed by contact metamorphism of the S-type (Ilmenite-series) granodiorite. Formed in the middle Miocene (15 Ma).

Pyrite from this location was described in 1892.

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