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Lake Kuttara

Kojohama, Shiraoi city, Shiraoi county, Iburi branch, Hokkaido, Japan



Phenocrysts in lava of basaltic andesite erupted from the Takeura Volcano (Mount Kuttara), a somma of the Kuttara Caldera and a member of the Kuttara Volcanic Group which has been active since Late Pleistocene (80 ka). The Takeura Volcano is a small stratovolcano formed in the Late Pleistocene (47 ka) Takeura Stage before the formation of the Kuttara Caldera.

Lake Kuttara

Outcrop of the basaltic andesite lava erupted from the Takeura Volcano. White grains are euhedral anorthite. There are dark brown grains of forsterite in white anorthite.

Reported Minerals

Mineral Assemblages

  • Basaltic andesite (Host) - Anorthite - Forsterite


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