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Tillandsia ariza-juliae

Dominica (La Vega)

Puerto Rico

500 m elevation

Epiphytic (Hispaniolan pine, Pinus occidentalis)

Tillandsia ariza-juliae

Tillandsia ariza-juliae L. B. Smith and J. Jiménez Almonte (1959)



  • [ Blooming ] ?
  • [ Flower ] ?
  • [ Fregrance ] ?
  • [ Blooming size ] 3 - 4 cm (W) x 7 - 10 cm (H)
  • Proper cultivation conditions are being investigated..

Cultivaton tips

Informations summarized here are based on our experiences, and TrekGEO does not guarantee the results by cultivating in the same or similar conditions described here. Even a species of Tillandsia differs substantially between individuals, and is very sensitive in changes of environments. Applicatons of any idea inspired by this site should be at your own risks.

Low watering frequency cultivation

It was difficult to cultivate in Japanese summer, and failed. It seemed good condition only during winter.

Cultivation Log (2nd foliage)

  • Apr. 2022 A root began to grow.

  • May 2021 A root began to grow.

  • Oct. 2020 Roots are growing.

Cultivation Log (1st foliage)

  • June 2005 The foliage spreaded out and died.
  • Mar. 2005 Roots keep growing.
  • Jan. 2005 Leaves turned reddish.

  • Nov. 2004 Roots began to grow again.
  • Oct. 2004 A leaf at the growing point has died.
  • Aug. 2004 The temperature rises above 30 °C for 40 days, and the highest temperature was over 39 °C.
  • Aug. 2004 Roots stopped their growth.
  • Apr. 2004 Roots keep growing.

  • Aug. 2003 The number of leaves increased these days.
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