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No air conditioning

Hot/Humid in summer, and Cold/Dry in winter.

For most of relatively hardy species.

[ Spring (below 15 degree C) ] Indoor

[ Spring (above 15 degree C) ] Indoor or Outdoor

[ Summer ] Indoor or Outdoor, Temperature 35 degree C (max.), Humidity 70 %

[ Autumn (above 15 degree C) ] Indoor or Outdoor

[ Autumn (below15 degree C) ] Indoor

[ Winter ] Indoor, Temperature 5 degree C (min.), Humidity 40 %

Cultivate indoors while the lowest outside temperature is below 15 degree C.

Open windows for a good ventilation while the outdoor temperature is above 15 degree C, for example, during the daytime in winder.

[ Important points ]

As the room temperature near the windows will be almost same as the outside temperature, it is good to hang curtains over the windows.

The good ventilation is required in summer.