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Taguchi Mine

Yatsuhashi, Shitara city, Kita-Shitara county, Aichi pref., Japan

This locality is strictly closed to collecting.


Field of view: 10 mm. Yoshimuraite associated with richterite. The platy translucent brown crystal exhibiting cleavage along the basal plane is yoshimuraite. The black to dark green grains are richterite. The transparent parts with a vitreous luster are quartz. The pink parts at the bottom are rhodonite. Its appearance is similar to phlogopite but phlogopite is not associated with richterite.

Recovered from a bedded manganese deposit in pelitic schist subjected to Amphibolite facies regional metamorphism and contact metamorphism by granodiorite. The Rb-Sr radiometric dating of Yoshimuraite-Rhodonite-Phlogopite ores indicates 71-80 Ma.

Yoshimuraite from this location was described in 1961.

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