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Co-bearing Lithiophorite


Shimo-jinya village, Seto city, Aichi pref., Japan



Source for "Gosu", cobalt

Co-bearing Lithiophorite

Field of view: 10 mm. Co-bearing Lithiophorite associated with conglomerate. The black crusts on pebbles of conglomerate are lithiophorite. The white parts are chert pebbles of conglomerate, and the brown part is mudstone. Co-bearing lithiophorite, Gosu-do, has been used to dye China in Japan and China since the ancient times.

Recovered from conglomerate, a part of lacustrine sediments in a freshwater lake.

The first Co-bearing lithiophorite from Japan was reported from this location in 1875.

Other localities

  • Shimo-Jinya (Conglomerate, Interstitial)
  • Masaka (Chert, Dendritic)
  • Mount Orihime (Chert, Dendritic)
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