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Chausu Peak of Mount Nasu

Mount Nasu, Yumoto, Nasu city, Nasu county, Tochigi pref., Japan


Mount Chausu-Dake


Fumarole deposit

Sulfate minerals at the fumarole in the crater associated with the early Holocene (10 ka) Chausu-Dake Lava Dome of Nasu Volcano. The Chausu-Dake Lava Dome is composed of andesite, and is associated with approximately 10 craters, the Chausu-Dake Craters. Nasu Volcano has been active since the Middle Pleistoene (0.4 Ma). The age of the lava dome was determined by radiocarbon dating.

Chausu-dake Peak of Mount Nasu

Outcrop near a fumarole emitting water vapor in the active crater. The yellowish-brown crusts on the surface are aggregates of fine jarosite crystals. The grayish-white basement is andesite of the Chausu-Dake Lava Dome. It is considered that jarosite was deposited from cooled water vapor of the fumarole.

Reported Minerals

  • Siliceous sinter
  • Jarosite
  • Alunite
  • Crandallite?


  • 1397: Erupted.
  • 1408-1410: Erupted.
  • 1846: Erupted.
  • 1881: Erupted.
  • 1953: Erupted.
  • 1960: Erupted.
  • 1963: Erupted.


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