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Kurohai village, Choshi city, Chiba pref., Japan


Field of view: 10 mm. Ceradonite in vesicules. The fine grayish-green crystals are celadonite. The massive brown host is weathered bronzite andesite, and fine anorthite with perfect cleavage is scattered.

Recovered from vesicules of a high-Mg andesite lava. Formed in the early Miocene (22 Ma).

Other localities

  • Choshi (Andesite, Crust)
  • Naka-Kawabe (Andesite, Crust)
  • Fukaura (Andesite, Vein)
  • Nanasawa (Andesite, Massive)
  • Nakadomari (Basalt, Crust)
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