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Lake Kuttara

Kojohama, Shiraoi city, Shiraoi county, Iburi branch, Hokkaido, Japan


Left crystal: 30 mm length. Dispatched anorthite crystals. The dark green grain at the top of the left crystal is forsterite inclusion.

Recovered from a basaltic andesite lava erupted from a stratovolcano, a somma of a caldera. Formed in the Late Pleistocene (47 ka).

Anorthite from this location was described in 1949.

Other localities

  • Oshima Quarry (Basalt, Phenocryst)
  • Oshima (Pillow lava, Phenocryst)
  • Hachijo Island (Basalt lava, Floater)
  • Lake Kuttara (Andesite, Floater)


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