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Producing Iron (Fe)

Fe: Iron

This element is known from ancient ages.

Abundance: 6.2%(in the earth's crust)

Method 1

Heat magnetite and/or hematite with charcoal.

Fe3O4 + C right 3Fe + 4CO right

Fe2O3 + C right 2Fe + 3CO right

Carbon steel is recovered.


Heat magnetite and/or hematite with calcite and coke.

2C + O2 right 2CO right

CaCO3 + C right CaO + 2CO right


Iron oxide is reduce by carbon monoxide.

Fe2O3 + 3CO right 2Fe + 3CO2 right


Calcium oxide which generated by decompositon of calcite, reacts with impurities and form slag.

SiO2 + CaO right CaSiO3

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