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Submarine Weathering

Chemical Process (Alteration) - Ground surface (Submarine)


Early diagenesis

Required Geological Setting

Neogene and Quaternary sediments


Minerals formed in the sedimentation process. This process may be included in diagenesis in a broad sense. Minerals formed by the reaction between sediments and seawater in the bottom of the sea with the low rate of sedimentation. Berthierine is formed in Fe-rich sediments in the shallow marine circumstance under the influence of river water. Odinite is formed in porous sediments at the depth of 20-60m in tropical zones. Glauconite or Glauconite/Smectite interstratified mineral are formed at the depth of deeper than 60 m at margins of continental shelves. By the following diagenesis, Berthierine and Odinite change to chlorite, and Glauconite/Smectite interstratified mineral changes to glauconite.

Submarine Weathering

Distribution of hydrate minerals by submarine weathering in this site. Yellow zones indicate distribution of Neogene and Quaternary sediments.

Mineral Assemblages

Berthierine, Odinite, Glauconite, Glauconite/Smectite interstratified mineral

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