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Japanese mirabilite localities

12 localities

A list of Japanese mirabilite localities described in citable papers and books. The list is edited based on the editing policy of location lists.

Year of description
Location (Prefecture, Synonym, Comments)
Year 1918
Ogama hot spring (Nagano, Nozawa hot spring)
Year 1937
Otani coal mine (Fukuoka)
Year 1947
Yonaihata mine (Fukushima)
Year 1958
Yanahara mine (Okayama)
Year 1962
Hanaoka mine (Akita)
Year 1969
Izaka hot spring (Fukushima)
Year 1971
Oya (Tochigi)
Year 1978
Shirohama (Chiba, Tateyama)
Year 1986
Matsuo mine (Iwate)
Year 1987
Funagata (Chiba, Tateyama), Izumisawa (Fukushima, Odaka)
Year 1996
Yakuri temple (Kagawa)