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Japanese howieite localities

14 localities

A list of Japanese howieite localities described in citable papers and books. The list is edited based on the editing policy of location lists.

Year of description
Location (Prefecture, Synonym, Comments)
Year 1979
Taneyama mine (Kumamoto)
Year 1984
Maki mine (Kochi), Kata mine (Kochi), Mitani (Kochi), Kamoyama mine (Kochi)
Year 1996
Hachi mine (Ehime, Nakatsu mine)
Year 1998
Fujinokawa mine (Ehime)
Year 2002
Soanji mine (Kochi), Edagawa mine (Kochi), Nakamura mine (Kochi), Katanishi mine (Kochi), Ejiri mine (Kochi), Odaru mine (Kochi)
Year 2008
Taneyama (Kumamoto, Yachiyo)