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Japanese cuprotungstite localities

7 localities

A list of Japanese cuprotungstite localities described in citable papers and books. The list is edited based on the editing policy of location lists.

Year of description
Location (Prefecture, Synonym, Comments)
Year 1900
Sanjo mine (Yamaguchi, as Cuproscheelite in 1947)
Year 1909
Tsutsui mine (Yamaguchi)
Year 1917
Otani mine (Kyoto, Rokuya mine, as Cuproscheelite in 1900)
Year 1949
Sotan mine (Fukuoka, Sannotake, as Cuproscheelite)
Year 1991
Yamato mine (Yamaguchi, Ofuku mine)
Year 2005
Akenobe mine (Hyogo)
Year 2007
Kaneuchi mine (Kyoto)