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Japanese Tetrahedrite localities

303 localities

A list of Japanese Tetrahedrite localities described in citable papers and books. The list is edited based on the editing policy of location lists.

This is a list of locations where the mineral described as tetrahedrite was reported. Lists of specific species are summaried in pages of Tetrahedrite-(Fe) and Tetrahedrite-(Zn).

Year of description
Location (Prefecture, Synonym, Comments)
Year 1891
Aikawa mine (Niigata, Sado mine)
Year 1892
Kiura mine (Oita)
Year 1894
Sakura mine (Hyogo, Kanayamatani mine), Ikuno mine (Hyogo, Sn-bearing), Kosaka mine (Akita)
Year 1895
Hosonoguchi mine (Fukui, Isono mine)
Year 1899
Kuratani mine (Ishikawa)
Year 1900
Omodani mine (Fukui)
Year 1901
Hisaichi mine (Akita)
Year 1904
Besshi mine (Ehime)
Year 1907
Okuzu mine (Akita)
Year 1909
Naganobori mine (Yamaguchi)
Year 1914
Nakamaru mine (Gunma, Yawata mine)
Year 1915
Abeshiro mine (Aomori)
Year 1916
Kamuiopetsu mine (Hokkaido), Bajo mine (Oita)

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