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Minerals affected by light exposure

These minerals must be perfectly kept out light by, for example, wrapping in black cloth. To prevent photo-oxidation process, minerals may be kept under deoxidized circumstance.

Parasymplesite => Ferrisymplesite
Symplesite => Ferrisymplesite
Vivianite => Metavivianite
Color fade on light exposure
Bermanite (Darken)
Fluorite (Rarely)
Ilsemannite (Turn blue)
Proustite (Darken)
Pyrargyrite (Darken)
Tyuyamunite (Turn yellowish green)
Photodissociation (Photolysis, Photodecomposition)
Calomel => HgCl2 + Hg
Chlorargyrite => Ag+ + Cl- (turn dark purple)
Realgar => Arsenolite + Orpiment
Sideronatrite => Metasideronatrite (under low humidity)
Phase transition on light exposure
Realgar => Pararealgar