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Tillandsia Garden

Tillandsia Garden

This site introduces my collection of tillandsia and its cultivation records.

Life cycle of Tillandsia

Cultivation Troubles and solutions

Classification of Tillandsia


Tillandsia is strange plant, which absorbs water and nutrition from their leaves, not roots. We can put them on anywhere, floor, desk, for example.

I cultivate them on the window side, and dip them in water every two weeks to supply water. I ventilate the room in hot and humid Japanese summer, but close the room in the daytime. They grow somehow in spite of bad circumstance: no electric fan in summer and quite cold in winter. I have never given manure. I put all of them on the shelf with good ventilation. I remove frequently died leaves because they cause to rot.


Tillandsia abdita

Tillandsia achyrostachys

Tillandsia aeranthos

Tillandsia aeranthos 'slender type'

Tillandsia aizoides

Tillandsia albertiana

Tillandsia albida

Tillandsia alvareziae

Tillandsia andicola

Tillandsia andreana

Tillandsia andrieuxii

Tillandsia araujei

Tillandsia arequitae

Tillandsia argentea

Tillandsia argentina

Tillandsia arhiza

Tillandsia ariza-juliae

Tillandsia atroviolacea

Tillandsia atroviridipetala

Tillandsia atroviridipetala 'Tonara' => boqueronensis


Tillandsia baileyi

Tillandsia balbisiana

Tillandsia balsasensis

Tillandsia bandensis

Tillandsia bartramii

Tillandsia bergeri

Tillandsia biflora

Tillandsia boqueronensis

Tillandsia bourgaei

Tillandsia brachycaulos

Tillandsia bryoides

Tillandsia bulbosa

Tillandsia bulbosa Caulescent type

Tillandsia burle-marxii

Tillandsia butzii


Tillandsia cacticola

Tillandsia caerulea

Tillandsia califanii

Tillandsia caliginosa

Tillandsia capillaris

Tillandsia capitata Silver form

Tillandsia capitata Green form

Tillandsia capitata var. dominigensis

Tillandsia capitata 'Yellow Star'

Tillandsia caput-medusae

Tillandsia carlsoniae

Tillandsia carminea

Tillandsia castellanii

Tillandsia caulescens

Tillandsia cauligera

Tillandsia chaetophylla

Tillandsia chiapensis

Tillandsia chlorophylla

Tillandsia chusgonensis

Tillandsia circinnatoides

Tillandsia comarapaensis

Tillandsia concolor

Tillandsia 'Cotton Candy

Tillandsia crocata

Tillandsia crocata 'Orange'

Tillandsia cryptantha (Mexico)


Tillandsia diaguitensis

Tillandsia didisticha

Tillandsia diguetii

Tillandsia disticha

Tillandsia dorotheae

Tillandsia dura

Tillandsia duratii

Tillandsia dyeriana


Tillandsia edithiae

Tillandsia ehlersiana

Tillandsia elizabethiae

Tillandsia erubescens

Tillandsia esseriana (Paraguay)

Tillandsia exserta


Tillandsia fasciculata

Tillandsia festucoides

Tillandsia filifolia

Tillandsia flabellata

Tillandsia flexuosa

Tillandsia floribunda

Tillandsia fuchsii var. fuchsii

Tillandsia fuchsii var. fuchsii forma gracilis

Tillandsia funckiana

Tillandsia funckiana var. recurvifolia


Tillandsia gardneri

Tillandsia gardneri var. rupicola

Tillandsia geminiflora

Tillandsia gerdae

Tillandsia gilliesii

Tillandsia gilliesii raised from seeds

Tillandsia globosa (Brazil)

Tillandsia gramogolensis

Tillandsia guatemalensis


Tillandsia hammeri

Tillandsia harrisii

Tillandsia heteromorpha

Tillandsia hildae

Tillandsia hondurensis

Tillandsia humilis


Tillandsia ignesiae (Mexico)

Tillandsia intermedia

Tillandsia ionantha Colombian form

Tillandsia ionantha 'Druid'

Tillandsia ionantha 'Escaposa'

Tillandsia ionantha 'Fuego'

Tillandsia ionantha var. maxima

Tillandsia ionantha mexican form

Tillandsia ionantha 'Rocita' => Synonym of Till. ionantha var. stricta

Tillandsia ionantha 'Rubra'

Tillandsia ionantha var. stricta

Tillandsia ionantha var. stricta forma fastigiata

Tillandsia ionantha var. vanhyningii

Tillandsia ixioides


Tillandsia jalisco-monticola

Tillandsia jonesii

Tillandsia jucunda

Tillandsia juncea


Tillandsia kammii

Tillandsia karwinskyana

Tillandsia kautzkyi

Tillandsia kegeliana

Tillandsia x 'kimberley' ?

Tillandsia klausii

Tillandsia koehresiana

Tillandsia kolbii => most of "kolbii" is scaposa

Tillandsia kurt-horstii (Brazil) => Synonym of Tillandsia gramogolensis


Tillandsia lampropoda

Tillandsia latifolia

Tillandsia latifolia var. divaricata

Tillandsia latifolia 'Enano' (Peru)

Tillandsia latifolia var. leucophylla

Tillandsia latifolia 'mini'

Tillandsia leiboldiana Pendulus form

Tillandsia leonamiana

Tillandsia lepidosepala (Mexico)

Tillandsia leucolepis

Tillandsia lindenii

Tillandsia linearis

Tillandsia loliacea

Tillandsia loliacea raised from seeds

Tillandsia lorentziana

Tillandsia lotteae

Tillandsia lucida

Tillandsia lydiae


Tillandsia macdougalli

Tillandsia magnusiana

Tillandsia mallemontii

Tillandsia marnier-lapostollei

Tillandsia matudae

Tillandsia mauryana

Tillandsia mima

Tillandsia mirabilis

Tillandsia mitlaensis (Mexico)

Tillandsia mixtecorum

Tillandsia monadelpha

Tillandsia moscosoi

Tillandsia muhriae

Tillandsia multicaulis

Tillandsia myosura


Tillandsia nana

Tillandsia neglecta

Tillandsia novakii



Tillandsia paleacea

Tillandsia paleacea ssp. apurimacensis

Tillandsia pamelae

Tillandsia paraensis

Tillandsia paucifolia

Tillandsia pedicellata

Tillandsia pedicellata raised from seeds

Tillandsia peiranoi

Tillandsia plagiotropica

Tillandsia plumosa

Tillandsia pohliana

Tillandsia polystachia

Tillandsia polystachia raised from seeds

Tillandsia praschekii

Tillandsia propagulifera

Tillandsia pruinosa

Tillandsia pseudobaileyi

Tillandsia punctulata

Tillandsia purpurea


Tillandsia queroensis


Tillandsia rectangula

Tillandsia recurvata

Tillandsia recurvifolia

Tillandsia recurvifolia var. subsecundifolia => Synonym of Tillandsia leonamiana

Tillandsia reducta

Tillandsia reichenbachii

Tillandsia retorta

Tillandsia roseiflora (Brazil)

Tillandsia roseoscapa

Tillandsia rubrispica (Mexico)


Tillandsia scaligera

Tillandsia scaposa

Tillandsia schatzlii

Tillandsia schiedeana Green form

Tillandsia schiedeana raised from seeds

Tillandsia schiedeana Silver form

Tillandsia secunda var. major

Tillandsia seideliana

Tillandsia seleriana

Tillandsia setacea

Tillandsia socialis

Tillandsia sprengeliana

Tillandsia stellifera

Tillandsia straminea

Tillandsia streptocarpa

Tillandsia streptophylla

Tillandsia stricta Soft Leaf form

Tillandsia stricta Hard Leaf form

Tillandsia subteres

Tillandsia subulifera

Tillandsia sucrei


Tillandsia tectorum

Tillandsia tenuifolia

Tillandsia tenuifolia Short form (Brazil)

Tillandsia tenuifolia var. strobiliformis

Tillandsia tricholepis

Tillandsia tricholepis raised from seeds

Tillandsia tricolor

Tillandsia tricolor 'Alba'

Tillandsia triglochinoides

Tillandsia turquinensis (Cuba)


Tillandsia umbellata

Tillandsia usneoides

Tillandsia usneoides raised from seeds

Tillandsia utriculata ssp. pringlei


Tillandsia velickiana

Tillandsia velutina

Tillandsia vernicosa

Tillandsia vicentina


Tillandsia weberi


Tillandsia xerographica

Tillandsia xiphioides


Tillandsia zecheri var. zecheri (Argentina)

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