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Tillandsia xiphioides

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  • Tillandsia xiphioides


    White and beautiful flower with 3 petals which are decorated by fine waves. Tips of 6 yellow stamens are visible. A white pistil is longer than petals and the tip is very narrow 3 branches like strings.. It took 3 days to full bloom after the petals appeared. A flower blooms for 5 days. Two flowers bloom with the 7 days interval. Strong fragrance.

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Cultivation log

  • (MAY17) Bloomed. Roots is still growing.
  • (MAR17) Two roots began to grow.
  • (FEB17) A pale brown flower spike began to grow.
  • (DEC16) Good condition.
  • 2nd try

  • (JUL08) It died.
  • (SEP07) Suddenly, its growing tip died.
  • (OCT06) Moved to another apartment. Cultivation condition is almost same as previous site.
  • (OCT05) It keeps growing.
  • (MAY05) 4 to 5 leaves have grown rapidly.
  • (AUG04) It survived for 40 days in humid and hot condition over 39 Celsius.
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