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Tillandsia pseudobaileyi

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  • Tillandsia pseudobaileyi


    Purple flower with 3 petals which are slightly curled at the tip. Basements of petals are white. The pistil is sticked out of the tube flower but stamens are not visible. The flower spike is branched to 3, and floral bracts are grayish red. 5-10 flowers bloomed from the base side of the influorescence with 12 days interval. After petals of a flower appeared, it takes 7 more days to bloom. A flower blooms for 4 days. Blooming was finished in 2 months.

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Cultivation log

  • (JUN17) A pup began to grow at the inner base of the bottom leaf.
  • (MAY17) A pup has grown up to 1 cm. Leaves are still very short.
  • (JAN17) 2pups began to grow at the place where usually roots gow. The growing direction is the opposite of the foliage.
  • (JAN17) It began to bloom.
  • (OCT16) A flower influorescence is growing.
  • 2nd try

  • (MAR09) It is very slow, but is still growing.
  • (AUG08) The growing tip has turned brown.
  • (OCT06) Moved to another apartment. Cultivation condition is almost same as previous site.
  • (JAN05) The whole foliage is red.
  • (DEC04) It pupped from the base of the leaf.
  • (OCT04) It grews well, but the leaves at the base of the foliage is dying.
  • (AUG04) It survived for 40 days in humid and hot condition over 39 Celsius.
  • (JAN04) Leaves turned red.
  • (DEC03) It began to grow suddenly.
  • (SEP03) The tip of leaves turned red.
  • (MAY03) The number of the leaf increased slowly.
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