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Tillandsia mallemontii

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  • Tillandsia mallemontii


    A flower blooms for 10 days. The next flower blooms with a day interval. 3 to 4 flowers in a flower spike, and the total blooming perioid is approximately a month. Strong fragrance.

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Cultivation log

  • (AUG17) It bloomed.
  • (JUN17) Flower spikes began to grow.
  • (MAR17) A root began to grow at the middle of the foliage.
  • (OCT16) Seed pods began to grow.
  • (SEP16) It began to bloom.
  • (AUG16) Flower influorescneces began to grow.
  • (JUL16) Good condition.
  • 2nd try

  • (AUG04) They all died in the summer over 40 Celsius everyday.
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