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Tillandsia capitata

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Tillandsia capitata

Jul 17th, 2017

The flower of the 1st foliage cultivated. The blooming period is 1-4 days between June and July. Purple tube flowers with 3 petals whose tips are reflexing outside. Tips and bases of the petals are white. 6 stamens and a white pistil are sticked out of petals. The tip of pistil is divided into three. 2-3 flowers bloom from the bottom side of the flower spike in a day. A flower bracts bears 1-2 tube flowers. A flower blooms in the morning and withered in evening. A flower spike had 11 flowers, and the blooming perioid was 4 days. 3 flowers bloomed on the first day, 2 flowers on the second day, 5 flowers on the third day, and a flower on the 4th day.

Tillandsia capitata

Jul 13th, 2008

The flower of the 1st foliage cultivated.

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