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Outer back-reef lagoon

Depth of water

High tide - Upper shoreface (0 - 5 m)


The reef core-side shore of the low lands behind the reef core in the well-developed organic reef complex. Depending on the water depth and wides, terms such as lagoon, moat, and reef flat are used. It is not subjected to the influences of waves. Width is approximately 100 m - 1 km. A variety of lagoon.

Sedimentary facies (Sediments)

Grainstone, Packstone

Sedimentary facies (Structures)

Parallel stratification

Sedimentary facies (Fossils, Coral reef)

Corals, Shellfishes, Forams, Calcareous algae, Echinoids

Sedimentary systems

Components of organic reefs

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