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Sedimentary Kaoline Deposit

Physical Process - Ground surface

Required Geological Setting

Neogene and Quaternary sediments


Sedimentary kaolinite deposits associated with sedimentary rocks. Deposits are fluvial to lacustrine clay sediments mainly composed of kaolinite with or without lignite and quartz sands. The protoliths are granitoid rocks such as I-type granite, S-type granite, Granodiorite, Diorite. Feldspars and micas in these granitoid rocks are argillized by chemical weathering and selectively concentrated. The local name of the clay ores containing lignite is "Kibushi", and that of the clay ores containing quartz grains is "Gaerome".

Mineral Assemblages

Kaolinite, Halloysite, Lignite, Quartz, Mica

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