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Kumomi, Matsuzaki city, Kamo county, Shizuoka pref., Japan


Alkaline metasomatic rocks of Heulandite-Analcime zone

Minerals in vesicules of the late Pliocene (3.0 Ma) Subara Andesite. The Subara Andesite unconformably overlies the Miocene to Pliocene Shirahama Group. The age of andesite was determined by K-Ar radiometric dating.


Outcrop of the Subara Andesite. The grayish-green blocks are andesite. The white spots are phenocrysts of anorthite. The clear prisms in the vesicule above the coin are quartz.

Reported Minerals

  • Epistilbite
  • Chabazite
  • Stilbite
  • Calcite
  • Quartz

Mineral Assemblages

  • Calcite - Chabazite - Epistilbite - Stilbite
  • Chabazite - Quartz


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