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Chemical Process (Solution-Rock interaction) - Ground Surface (Meteoric)

Required Geological Setting

Accretionary complexes


Aggregates of Na-dominant minerals formed by the reaction of gabbro and/or basalt blocks with reductive, hyperalkaline fluids produced by serpentinization. The fluid produced by serpentinization is reductive, hyperalkaline, and Ca-rich. This fluid becomes Na and Ti-rich by consuming Ca in the course of rodingitization reactions with gabbro and/or basalt blocks. Na-dominant minerals such as Na-amphiboles, albite, and jadeite deposit from this reductive, hyperalkaline and Na and Ti-rich fluid. As these minerals do not contain Sr, Sr-dominant minerals may be observed.


Distribution of albitite described in this site. Yellow is distribution of high-P metamorphic rocks and serpentine mélange.

Mineral Assemblages

  • Albite, Jadeite
  • Jadeite, Natrolite, Omphacite
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