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Tillandsia remota

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Tillandsia remota

July 12th, 2020

The blooming period was 34 - 38 days from June to July. White tube flowers with 3 petals whose tips are pointed and reflexing outside. 6 stamens and a white pistil are almost same length of petals. The tip of pistil is divided into three. A flower blooms for a day only. 3 - 5 flowers bloom from the bottom side of the flower spike at intervals of 4 - 9 days (typically 5 days). The inflorescence is composed of a main spike and 3 - 4 side spikes. The main spike blooms first, and side spikes began to bloom randamly approximately 10 days later. There were 5 flowers from the main spike, and 3 - 5 flowers from the side spikes. Petals were6 - 10 mm long.

Tillandsia remota

June 22nd, 2020

A lateral view of the flower.

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