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Low watering frequency cultivation

- Winter -

Climate conditions

[ Summer season ] Temperature: 22.1 - 31.2 °C, average 26.1 °C (71.8 - 88.2 °F, average 79.0 °F ), Humidity: 70 - 80 %

[ Winter season ] Temperature: -2.1 - 9.2 °C, averate 3.2 °C ( 28.2 - 48.6 °F, average 37.8 °F ), Humidity: 40 - 60 %

Annual schedule (Low watering frequency cultivation)

[ Spring, Summer, Autumn ] The lowest temperature is higher than 10 °C ( 50 °F )

Indoors, Soaks once a week in the night, Fertilizes in spring and autumn

[ Winter ] The lowest temperature is lower than 10 °C ( 50 °F )

Indoors, Soaks once a week in the night


Southern window sides. Species which need better ventilations and/or cooler climate are hanged directly from the ceiling or in hanging baskets made of coarse rattan or bamboo. Other species are set on shelves with good ventilaton. Windows are closed during the daytime. They are placed where the wind from air conditioner heater is avoided and the temperature does not decrease if at all possible.


Foliages are placed in the sun to partial shade or dappled sun under trees.


Foliages are dipped every week in the night in pooled water using washtubs and buckets for 3 - 4 hours. Soaking longer than 6 hours may cause serious trouble and must be avoided. Foliages are taken out of the water in the morning.

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