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High watering frequency cultivation

- Spring, Summer, Autumn -

Climate conditions

[ Summer season ] Temperature: 22.1 - 31.2 °C, average 26.1 °C (71.8 - 88.2 °F, average 79.0 °F ), Humidity: 70 - 80 %

[ Winter season ] Temperature: -2.1 - 9.2 °C, averate 3.2 °C ( 28.2 - 48.6 °F, average 37.8 °F ), Humidity: 40 - 60 %

Annual schedule (High watering frequency cultivation)

[ Spring, Summer, Autumn ] The lowest temperature is higher than 10 °C ( 50 °F )

Outdoors, Sprays in the evening, Fertilizes in spring and autumn

[ Winter ] The lowest temperature is lower than 10 °C ( 50 °F )

Outdoors only in the daytime, Sprays in the morning

[ Coldest time ] The highest temperature is lower than 10 °C ( 50 °F )

Indoors, Room light in the daytime, Sprays in the morning


Verandas, roofed terraces, or bay windows with good ventilation. Species which need better ventilations and/or cooler climate are hanged directly from the ceiling or in hanging baskets made of coarse rattan or bamboo. Other species are set on shelves with good ventilaton. Bay windows are opened as long as we can. Foliages are never placed directly on such floors as concrete because temperature of floors is very high in summer and foliages become very hot by the reflected heat of the sun. In such cases, foliages are placed far from the floors using coarse wire shelving and racks. Wire shelving and racks made of woods and rattan are selected because iron wire shelving and racks become high temperature and foliages may be damaged.


Foliages are placed in partial shade or dappled sun under trees.

Water spraying

Water is sprayed everyday after sunset until they get soaking wet. During a wet season, turn foliages upside down and shake them to remove excess water on the bottom of foliages.


Fertilize once or twice in the spring and the autumn. 1,000 fold diluted liquid fertilizer is mixed in the water for spraying.

During stormy weather

Exposed to the rain when it lasts less than a day. All foliages are taken into the rooms in such cases: rainy seasons, storms, strong wind.

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