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Tillandsia mollis

Endemically distributed near Cumbre del Condor Pass, Tarija, Bolivia at an altitude of 2,700 m.

Saxicolous on rock faces of cliffs facing south.

Tillandsia mollis

Tillandsia (Diaphoranthema) mollis H. Hromadnik and W. Till (1983)



  • [ Blooming ] ?
  • [ Flower ] Brownish yellow - green
  • [ Fregrance ] ?
  • [ Blooming size ] ?
  • It looks like Tillandsia usneoides but leaves are straight with round cross section and stems are not curved.

Cultivaton tips

Informations summarized here are based on our experiences, and TrekGEO does not guarantee the results by cultivating in the same or similar conditions described here. Even a species of Tillandsia differs substantially between individuals, and is very sensitive in changes of environments. Applicatons of any idea inspired by this site should be at your own risks.

Very high watering frequency cultivation

Grows well.

Cultivation Log

  • Jan. 2020 Good condition.
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