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Toyama prefecture

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Geology of Toyama prefecture

Prefectural Rock: Onyx marble (Travertine) of Oritate, Unazuki village

Minerals | Fossils | Hot springs

Geological units reported from Toyama prefecture

A list of stratigraphic units and igneous bodies reported in Toyama prefecture, Koshinetsu region, Honshu island, Japan

Geological settings

Sediments (Quaternary - Neogene)

Sediments (Mesozoic)

Accretionary complexes (Jurassic - Late Triassic)

Caldera complexes (Quaternary)

Plutonic rocks (Magnetite series)

Middle-P metamorphic rocks (Triassic)

Serpentine mélange

Continental crusts

Guidebooks of geology in Toyama prefecture

Sunday Geology-6 Geology of Hokuriku, Yoshio Kaseno ed., Tsukiji Shokan Publishing Co., Ltd., 215p. (1979), in Japanese, 1044-179094-4818

New version Sunday Geology-6 Nature of Hokuriku, Nature of Hokuriku Henshu Iinkai ed., Tsukiji Shokan Publishing Co., Ltd., 242p., (2001), in Japanese, ISBN4-8067-1221-3

Toyama Geology Journey, Fujii-kai ed., Katsura Bookshop, 241p. (2012), in Japanese, ISBN978-4-905345-23-7

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