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Kagawa prefecture

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Geology of Kagawa prefecture

Prefectural Rock: Sanukite (Bronzite andesite) of Goshikidai

Minerals | Fossils | Hot springs

Geological units reported from Kagawa prefecture

A list of stratigraphic units and igneous bodies reported in Kagawa prefecture, Shikoku region, Shikoku island, Japan

Geological settings

Sediments (Quaternary - Neogene)

Sediments (Paleogene and older)

Plutonic rocks (Ilmenite series)

Low-T metamorphic rocks (Cretaceous)

Guidebooks of geology in Kagawa prefecture

Geology guide series-10 Kagawa prefecture Geological guide, Yuji Bando, Shigehito Moriai ed., Corona Publishing Co., Ltd., 218p. (1979), in Japanese, 3044-505390-2353

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