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Takarayama Mine

Iwamoto, Ogitsu village, Hitachi city, Ibaraki pref., Japan


Greenschist facies metamorphic rocks

Quartz vein in Greenschist of the Cambrian (500 Ma) Daioin Formation subjected to Greenschist facies metamorphism in the Late Cretaceous (100 Ma) medium-P Abukuma metamorphic belt. Metamorphic grade is near the boundary between Greenschist facies and Epidote-Amphibolite facies. Age of sedimentary rock was determined by coral fossil, and metamorphic age by K-Ar radiometric dating of muscovite.

Takarayama Mine

A quartz vein in greenschist of the Daioin Formation. These thick quartz veins were mined. Thick veins are usually parallel to the schistosity as shown in this photograph. The massive white part is quartz and the grayish-green host is greenschist. The scale coin is at the boundary between the quartz vein and the host.

Reported Minerals

Mineral Assemblages

  • Quartz(Gangue) - Dravite
  • Albite(Gangue) - Chlorite
  • Laumontite
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