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Minerals giving off an odor

The following odor of minerals are known: Garlic (by arsenic), Sulphurous (by sulphur dioxide gas), Selenous (rotten radish), Fetid (rotten egg), Argillaceous (wet clay), or Bituminous (oil and asphalt) odor.

Hitting or Powdering
Alabandite (Rotten egg)
Arsenopyrite (Garlic)
Scorodite (Garlic)
Sodalite (Rotten egg)
Solved in HCl
Alabandite (Rotten egg)
Danalite (Rotten egg)
Hauerite (Rotten egg)
Helvine (Rotten egg)
Sodalite (Rotten egg)
Sphalerite (Rotten egg)
Cobaltite (Garlic)
Mimetite (Garlic)
Nickeline (Garlic)