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Interstratified mineral, Interstratified clay mineral, Mixed layer mineral

Materials composed of cross-bedded 2 or 3 layer unit structures of layered minerals such as phyllosilicates. Dioctahedral type interstratified minerals are composed of dioctahedral unit layers, and trioctahedral type interstratifed minerals are composed of trioctahedral unit layers. Regularly interstratified minerals are composed of unit layers piled up reguraly with a constant sequences, and randomly interstratified minerals are composed of unit layers piled up with a random sequences. Randomly interstratified minerals are not considered as valid mineral species. As combinations of unit layers and combination ratio strongly depends on formation conditions, interstratified minerals are used for research on the distribution of metazomatic rocks.

Year of discovery: 1954 (Japan)

Locality list: 46 localities of interstratified mineral

Dioctahedral type
Dioctahedral mica / Dioctahedral smectite
1:1regular: Rectorite
Random: Celadonite/Montmorillonite
Random: Glauconite/Smectite
Random: Sericite/Montmorillonite
Random: Sericite/Smectite
Random: Mica/Montmorillonite
Random: Mica/Smectite
Dioctahedral chlorite / Dioctahedral smectite
1:1regular: Tosudite
Random: Sudoite/Montmorillonite
Random: Chlorite/Montmorillonite
Random: Chlorite/Smectite
Dioctahedral mica / Dioctahedral chlorite
Random: Sericite/Chlorite
Random: Sericite/Sudoite
Dioctahedral mica / Dioctahedral chlorite / Dioctahedral smectite
Kaoline / Montmorillonite
Random: Halloysite/Montmorillonite
Random: Kaolin/Montmorillonite
Random: Kaolinite/Smectite
Random: Kaolin/Smectite
Kaoline / Dioctahedral mica
Random: Kaolinite/Sericite
Trioctahedral type
Trioctahedral mica / Trioctahedral vermiculite
1:1regular: Hydrobiotite
Random: Phlogopite/Vermiculite
Random: Illite/Vermiculite
Random: Mica/Vermiculite
Trioctahedral smectite / Trioctahedral vermiculite
Random: Montmorillonite/Vermiculite
Random: Saponite/Vermiculite
Trioctahedral mica / Trioctahedral smectite
Random: Illite/Montmorillonite
Random: Illite/Smectite
Random: Mica/Montmorillonite
Random: Mica/Smectite
Trioctahedral mica / Trioctahedral mica
Random: Muscovite/Paragonite
Random: Illite/Sericite
Random: Mica/Hydromica
Trioctahedral chlorite / Trioctahedral vermiculite
1:1regular: Corrensite
Random: Chlorite/Vermiculite
Trioctahedral chlorite / Trioctahedral smectite
1:1 regular: Corrensite
Random: Chlorite/Saponite
Random: Clinochlore/Saponite
Random: Clinochlore/Montmorillonite
Random: Chlorite/Smectite
Trioctahedral chlorite / Trioctahedral serpentine
1:1-2:1 regular: Dozyite
Trioctahedral mica / Trioctahedral chlorite
Random: Mica/Al-chlorite
Talc / Trioctahedral chlorite
1:1regular: Kulkeite
Random: Talc/Chlorite
Talc / Trioctahedral smectite
1:1regular: Aliettite