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Japanese apophyllite localities

91 localities

A list of Japanese apophyllite localities described in citable papers and books. The list is edited based on the editing policy of location lists.

This is a list of locations where the mineral described as apophyllite was reported. Lists of specific species of apophyllite group are summaried in pages of those minerals.

Year of description
Location (Prefecture, Synonym, Comments)
Year 1885
Maze seashore (Niigata, Iwamuro)
Year 1893
Hahajima island (Tokyo), Hatsuneura seashore (Tokyo, Chichijima island)
Year 1896
Lake Sayamaike (Nagano, Tezuka)
Year 1900
Sawada (Shizuoka, Shimo-Kawazu)
Year 1901
Amagi pass (Shizuoka, Nashimoto), Gobessho (Shiga), Anijima island (Tokyo), Miyahama (Tokyo, Chichijima island)
Year 1902
Oshimako (Kumamoto, Amakusa)

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