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Link (Minerals)

Link (Minerals)

A link list of related minerals and rocks.

This site is link free, but we appreciate receiving messages via e-mail.



One of the largest mineral databasees in the world. There are many beautiful photographes posted by collectors in the world.

(English) Online Mineral Museum

Minerals site dedicated to rare earth mineral and minerals from oversea. We can see pretty rare minerals such as REE minerals.

(English/Japanese) Hiroshi HAGIYA

A good resource to learn geology! Study various aspects of geology of Japan and Fiji.

(Japanese) Mr. Himo's introduction of mining

Mineral site around Kinki area, Japan. He opens pockets to recover quartz crystals etc. Keep your eyes on!

(Japanese) Miracle Mineral

Mineral site aroud Shikoku island area, Japan. Jyun runs this site to introduce his group, Toa no kai.

(Japanese) Glass Roots

A shop dealing the stone soup "Ghassoul". One of famous fair trade shops in Japan. We can buy natural and cool items at the reasonable price.

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